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   Vivid's polyresin figures first appeared around 1993-1994.
   The six pieces varied in size, but pieces were approximately
   115mm x 80mm, or 80mm x 115mm depending upon which
   way they stood.

     Wallace & Gromit Train Chase Scene

   Incredibly, many retailers chose to display these fine
   creations on open shelves, which meant you had to take
   care when purchasing. All too often Gromit's tail could be
   found snapped off, or just as regularly, an ear would
   be missing!...

      Wallace In The Wrong Trousers  Gromit Knitting  

    The Wrong Trousers
    Vivid produced three tie-in pieces for the second Wallace
    & Gromit film. 

    • Wallace In The Wrong Trousers
    • Gromit Knitting in his favourite armchair
    • A Train Chase Scene with Feathers McGraw and
      Gromit on the train, and Wallace in pursuit.

    The box for the Train Chase proclaimed that it was a
    'Hand Painted' item, although in reality the level of quality
    was indistinguishable from the other pieces...

    Wallace Meets Wendolene    Pilot Gromit And Aeroplane

    A Close Shave
    Three more pieces were made available when the third
    film came out.

    • Pilot Gromit
    • Gromit Meets Shaun
    • Wallace Meets Wendolene

     Gromit Meets Shaun

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