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   Wesco have produced a number of splendid Wallace
   & Gromit alarm clocks and watches in the past, and more
   are forthcoming as the new film arrives. Here we profile
   three range-topping items from past...
   Sadly these clocks are nop longer being produced, but
   they remain as popular as ever, and many folks seem
   to have lost their instruction manuals! - To help solve a
   few headaches, each clock now has a link to an online
   instruction guide. Aw, how kind is that?

    W&G Talking Alarm Clock   

   Talking Alarm Clock
   This piece arrived in stores around 1995. It measured
   170 x 170 x 210mm and featured Wallace and Gromit
   standing in their home in front of Wallace's flashing
   control board. The board included an LED clock, and
   a flashing WALKIES light. Wallace's slippers served as
   OFF and SNOOZE buttons, whilst Gromit's dog bowl
   was the DEMO button. When the alarm sounded we
   were woken by Peter Sallis' original Wallace voice:

   • "Morning Gromit... Time for walkies!"
   • "Come on, Gromit... Don't be a lazy bones!"

» Alarm Clock instructions    

   W&G Radio Alarm Clock

   Talking Radio Alarm Clock
   The first clock was a treat, but twelve months later Wesco
   topped it with the larger Radio Alarm Clock. This was a
   weighty item, measuring 210 x 190 x 180mm, and this time
   our plasticene duo were depicted in their West Wallaby St.
   living room. The LED clock was framed like a picture, to the
   left of the fireplace above Gromit. When the alarm sounded
   the hearth 'glowed'. You could hit Wallace's slippers for the
   SNOOZE , OFF and DEMO controls. Gromit's bowl served as
   a VOLUME control, and the spotted pouffe served as the
   radio TUNER. When the alarm sounded we heard Peter
   Sallis again:

 "Eh up, Gromit. Shall we see what's on the wireless?"  

» Radio Alarm Clock instructions   


    W&G Moving Alarm Clock

   Moving Alarm Clock
   As if the first two clocks weren't good enough, Wesco
   climbed even further up the ladder of licensing excellence
   when, eighteen months later they produced this beauty.
   The moving alarm clock stood 180 x 100 x 220mm. Wallace,
   Gromit and Shaun were depicted washing the local clock
   (Gromit even had a box of Sud-U-Like soap flakes by
   his side!). The clockface was a real working timepiece, 
   with Shaun serving as a DEMO/OFF button for the alarm.  
   And what an alarm! - When it sounded the clockface
   would light up, Gromit would wash with his sponge,
   Wallace would 'climb' up its side and better yet,
   the original Wallace & Gromit theme tune would blare
   out until Shaun's head was pressed. The tune would
   then be silenced with a loud Shaun bleat - fantastic!

» Moving Alarm Clock instructions  


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