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Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special 1971
    Whizzer and Chips
  Holiday Special 1971

   A 96-page extravanganza here, for Whizz-kids and Chip-ites
   alike. The 1971 Summer Special features every top toon
   from the weekly comics, in the giddy days before those
   "Knockout"  stars and others were involved in proceedings.
   What's more, it's all strips, with ne'er a one-off wonder
   or filler puzzle page in sight...
   The standout is a magnificently offensive "Shiner" strip,
   in which our gloved chum drops by the local Zoo to box 
   a rhino, an elephant, a kangaroo and an octopus. Yes,
   you read that right. We get to see Shiner walloping a
   rhinoceros - You couldn't do that nowadays!

   The Backwood Boys                        
Big Boy
   Belle Tent                                       
Footsie the Clown
Ginger's Tum
Glugg                                             Harry's Haunted House
The Goodies and the Baddies           Hot Rod
Jimmy Jeckle and Master Hide         Loser
King of the Jungle                            Ocky
Knight School                                 Shiner
Little Saver                                      Super Dad  
Minnie's Mixer                                 Switched-on Sam
Odd Ball                                          Wear 'Em Out Wilf
   Ringer Dinger
                                             Why, Dad, Why?
    Sid's Snake
    Slowcoach                                      Chip-Ite
    Tiny                                                adventure strips:
                                                         Billy Binns
adventure strips:
   Alfie in Africa
   Mickey marvel and
   His Talking Cat

   Most appearances:
   There are no out and out winners here, because
   most strips get two tidy appearances...



  Whizzer and
  Chips Holiday
  Special 1971
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Sid, Slippy,
  Shiner, Champ,
  Ginger, Minnie,


  Cover price:


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