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     Books by Raymond Briggs    

    Raymond Briggs Bibliography

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    errors and omissions here, but if you let me know I can
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As author and illustrator

The Puddleman (2004)

Ivor the Invisible (2001)

Ug - Boy Genius

of the Stone Age (2001)

Ethel & Ernest (1998)

The Bear (1994)

The Man (1992)

Unlucky Wally - Twenty
Years on (1989)

Unlucky Wally (1987)

The Tin-Pot Foreign
General and the Old Iron
Woman (1984)

Fungus the Bogeyman
Plop-Up Book (1982)

When the Wind Blows (1982)

Gentleman Jim (1980)

The Complete
Father Christmas (1978)

The Snowman (1978)

Fungus the Bogeyman (1977)

Father Christmas
Goes on Holiday (1975)

The Raymond Briggs

Treasury (1974)

Father Christmas (1973)

Jim and the Beanstalk (1970)

Mother Goose Treasury (1966)

Fee Fi Fo Fum - a picture
book of nursery rhymes

The Swan Princes (1964)

The White Land (1963)
traditional rhymes and verse

Sledges to the Rescue (1963)

Ring-A-Ring O'Roses
traditional nursery rhymes

Midnight Adventure (1961)

The Strange House (1961)

About Raymond Briggs

Bloomin' Books (2003)
by Nicolette Jones

As contributor

Hug O'War (2000)
conceived by Janna Stark

Fattypuffs and
Thinifers (2000 edition.)
by Andre Maurois   
Alphabet Gallery (1999)
Dyslexia Institute
charity book        

The Epic Poise - A Celebration
of Ted Hughes (1998)

The Roald Dahl
Treasury (1997)

Happy Families - An Old
Game With New Faces (1993)
reworking of the classic
card game

The Telling Line:
Book Illustrators (1989)

Trog: Forty Graphic Years
The Art Of Wally Fawkes (1987)

Occasional Poets:
An Anthology (1986)

All in a Day (1986)
devised by Mitsumasa Anno

The End (1980)
compiled by Richard Stanley    

1st Puffin Annual (1974)

This Little Puffin... (1969)
compiled by Elizabeth Matterson

Allsorts2 (1969)
edited by Ann Thwaite

Compact discs

The Spoken Word (2003)
children's authors

Children of Chernobyl (1999)
charity CD cover      

    As illustrator

   Collected Poems for Children (2005)
   anthology by Ted Hughes

   A Bit more Bert
   by Allan Ahlberg (2002)

   The Adventures
   of Bert (2001)
   by Allan Ahlberg

   The Forbidden Forest
   and Other Stories (1973)
   by James Reeves

   The Fairy Tale Treasury (1972)
   selected by Virginia Haviland

   Festivals (1972)
   anthology by
   Ruth Manning-Sanders

   The Day the Town
   Went Silent (1971)
   by Friedrich Feld

   Tale of the Three
   Landlubbers (1971)
   by Ian Serraillier

   The Elephant and the
   Bad Baby (1969)
   by Elfrida Vipont

   Shackleton's Epic Voyage (1969)
   text by Michael Brown

   First up Everest (1969)
   text by Showell Styles

   The Christmas Book (1968)
   anthology by James Reeves

   Lindbergh, The Lone Flier (1968)
   text by Nicholas Fisk

   Richthofen, the Red Baron (1968)
   by Nicholas Fisk

   Nuvolari and the
   Alfa Romeo (1968)
   text by Bruce Carter

   Jimmy Murphy and the
   White Duesenberg (1968) 
   text by Bruce Carter

   A Book of Giants (1968)
   selected by William Mayne

   Ten To Two
   Poems For Me Book 5 (1968)
   verses by Kit Patrickson

   Let's Send a Rocket
   Poems For Me Book 4 (1968)
   verses by Kit Patrickson

   The Study Book of Houses (1967)
   by Clifford Warburton

   The Way Over Windle (1966)
   by Mabel Esther Allan

   The Flying 19 (1966)
   by James Aldridge

   The Wreck of Moni (1965)
   by Alan Ross

   Book of Magical Beasts (1965)
   by Ruth Manning-Sanders

   A First Book of Favourite
   Fairy Tales (1965)

   Stevie (1965)
   by Elfrida Vipont
   The Hamish Hamilton
   Book of Myths and Legends (1964)
   by Jacynth Hope-Simpson

   Whistling Rufus (1964)
   by William Mayne

   William's Wild Day Out (1963)
   by Trevor Mariol

   Arches and Spires - a short
   history of English churches from
   Anglo-Saxon times (1962)
   by Alfred Duggan

   Look at Churches (1961)
   by Alfred Duggan

   Look at Castles (1961)
   by Alfred Duggan  

   Danger On Glass Island (1960)
   by Alan Ross

   The Custard Boys (1960)         
   by John Rae (dust jacket only)

   The Onion Man (1959)
   by Alan Ross 

   A Stranger Passed (1960)
   by Catherine Christian
   (dust jacket only)

   Scotty (1959)
   by Christopher Davies
   (dust jacket only)  

   The Fair to Middling (1959)    
   a mystery by Arthur Calder

   Peter's Busy Day (1959)
   by Stephen Tring

   The Darkest Bough (1958)
   by Anne Chamberlain
   (dust jacket only)

   The Wonderful Cornet (1958)
   by Barbara Ker Wilson
   Peter and the Piskies (1958)
   34 cornish folk and fairy tales
   by Ruth Manning-Sanders

  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers