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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

    Ad Lad
    Ad Lad
Ad Lad was a cheeky rascal who spent all his time skulking
    around studio and location shoots, attempting to get his
    toothy face in on film and photographic commercials and
    adverts. You could say he was attempting the ultimate form
    of product-placement - namely, himself. We were supposed
    to chuckle at the antics of this "lovable rogue", but
    he irritated most folks to death - especially when you
    think of how much valuable set-up time and footage he
    was costing each production...

   Ad Lad and a 'groovy' cameraman!

    There really is no mistaking this for anything but a 70s strip.
    Look at the hair! And those collars! - Superb!

    Sadly, Ad Lad was one of those unfortunate stars to be
    given the runaround by Fleetway HQ. He survived the merger
    between Shiver & Shake and Whopee! in October 1974, but
    some time in 1975 he began to drop in and out of weekly
    editions, almost on a whim.  He was still popping up into
    September 1975, but I've yet to establish a proper finishing
    date. Did he make it into '76? 

    Ad Lad's annual run was also cut short. He appeared in
    the first  four Whoopee! editions, but disappeared
    after 1978....



  Ad Lad
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974

  Also seen in:

  Whoopee! annuals
  1975 - 1978

  Original artist:

  Trevor Metcalfe

  Other artists:

  Les Barton
  Jim Crocker


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