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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

    Ivor the invisible

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Ivor the Invisible   (2001)
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producers:  Screen First for Channel Four
   animation:  2D animation
      run time:  22mins


   "I've got an invisible friend!"
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    One morning, a boy called John discovers an enormous invisible visitor in
    his bedroom. He's bigger than an elephant, but thoroughly transparent and
    thoroughly mischievous. John names him Ivor and soon his new friend is
    playing tricks all round the house. Ivor squirts Dad with water from his hose,
    he interferes with the washing line, steals sausages and trifle from the dinner
    table and afterwards, dazzles Mum Dad and Auntie Barbara by doing the
    washing up invisibly, right in front of them!

    Ivor makes merry music for his pal, and later, he gives him an invisible
    seesaw ride in the park. But now that he's helped the lad out, he has a favour
    of his own to ask. He wants to learn how to spell and to write. He wants John
    to read him stories, and he wants to go to school with him. After an eventful
    bus ride, Ivor causes no end of upset in class and he brings the teacher
    to tears by writing rude words on the blackboard. Things come to a head
    on the way home, when Ivor interfere with the street furniture and plays
    with the belisha beacons and a crossing, as if they were some kind of giant
    xylophone. Our odd couple are pursued home by an angry mob and it's
    clear that Ivor has outstayed his welcome. It's time for him to leave...

    Only, he's got one more twist in his invisible tail.

    Ivor wants to learn...

    "Ivor the Invisible" was created and written by author and illustrator Raymond
    Briggs, and was his first project to be conceived directly for the screen, as
    opposed to being adapted from one of his books. But although the path of
    conception was different, the themes within the story are immediately familiar
    because Ivor is yet another of Mr Briggs' Special Friends. He's just like the
    Snowman, or the Bear. He's a strange and magical character who enters a
    youngster's life for a short by oh-so memorable time. Ivor's increasing demands
    mirror those of "The Man", and once again we're led to a bittersweet denouement.
    You see, John's invisible friend has been playing with our assumptions
    throughout the story. It's a surprise best left to discover for yourself, but
    if you really want to know, all is revealed below:
                                               Spoiler alert
                      Highlight the text below to reveal Ivor's secret!Th
                      »» "Ivor" is actually called Beryl ««

    » This Screen First production includes many familiar names on the crew
        sheet. Director Hilary Audus and producer Paul Madden brought "The Bear"
        to life for TVC. And executive producer John Coates surely needs no
        introduction, having shepherded each and every Briggs adaptation through
        to the screen, from "The Snowman" onwards.

    » Look out for the road sign next to the pelican crossing which tells us
        we're on "Briggs Road".

     Briggs Road detail

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     Ivor the Invisible on DVD

     UK DVD  Ivor the Invisible
                 Regon 2 / Channel 4 DVD / Dec 2006 (re-issue)

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     a Screen First production for Channel 4

    director &
            Hilary Audus
    producer:                Paul Madden
    exec producer:        John Coates
    production exec:     Mairede Thomas
    music:                    Nittin Sawhney
    art director
     & backgrounds:
      Sue Tong
    voice dir:                Andrew Morgan
    layout artists:          Andy Price, Richard Nye,
                                  Kate Fortune Jones, Paul Hardman
    b'ground artists:      Janet Archer, David Baillie,
                                  Michael Gabriel, Rachael Stedman
    animators:              Paul R Stone, Dave Livesey,
                                  Les Gibbard, Sarah Vincent,
                                  Elroy Simmons, Eleanor Jackson,
                                  Eduardo Cavalli, Kevin Grady,
                                  Paul A Stone, Carmen Ashby,
                                  Terry Castellani, Dave Webster,
                                  Gary Andrews, Steve Austin,
                                  Kenny Robinson, Andy Blazdell
    clean-up artists:      Lydia Adams, Janette Taylor,
                                  Denise Dean, Jan Johnston,
                                  Pauline Trapmore, Alex Cassels,
                                  Jackie Davies, Vicky Winn,
                                  Sharon E Smith, Sue Plummer,
                                  Rachel Feasey, Ed Wilmore,
                                  Vanessa Clegg, Andrew Murray,
                                  Gavin McCue, Antony Price     
    anim checkers:        Guy Brockett, Russell Murch
    digital compositing:  Damian Costelloe
    digital facility
          Gary Knowelden
    digital colouring:      Chris Rayment, Damien Rogers,
                                   Kieron Murtach, Simon Letchford,
                                   Sue Rayment
    voice rec engineer:   Dave Peacock
    music rec engineer:  Toni Economides      
    music publisher:       Zomba Music Publishers Ltd
    picture editor:          Laura Hardy
    dub editor & mixer:   Paul Roberts
    prod accountant:      Sue Hall
    prod manager:         Alex Jennings
    line producer:           Ian McCue      
    voices:                    Albey Brookes (John)
                                  Jane Horrocks (Mum)
                                  Timothy Spall (Dad)
                                  Alison Steadman (Auntie Barbara)
                                  Archie Panjabi (Leila)
                                  David Haig (Park Keeper)
                                  Emma Tait (Miss Gibson)
                                  Tina Gace (Ivor Speaking)
                                  Nina Miranda (Ivor Singing)
                                  Paul Rogan
                                  Ada Posta
                                  Chris Grant

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