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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

  Super Mum   
    Super Mum

    Super Mum had all the super powers you might expect
    of a superhero: Amazing strength, speed and agility etc.
    But she didn't wear a spandex costume, just her ordinary
    clothes (usually a spotty dress!). And she didn't appear
    to want to hide her special powers, 'cos she would use
    them in broad daylight in front of the neighbours and
    the townsfolk!

    Despite her incredible talents Super Mum was something
    of a burden on her son, Terry, who would have to deal with
    the consequences of her over-enthusiasm. Mum would
    gallavant around their home town of Chelmsditch, causing
    mayhem and carnage everywhere you looked. And she
    regularly interfered with classes at St Nellies - Terry's
    school. Poor old, Terry...

       Super Mum and Terry

    Super Mum first appeared in Whoopee! some time during
    1978, and annual appearances followed from the 1979 edition.
    Interesting to see how she and Terry were later brought in
    to the 1990 Whizzer & Chips annual.

    The strips were drawn throughout by Dicky Howett. His
    characters had a very loose feel, and they sported distinct
    upturned noses. But there was nothing snooty about
    this down-to-earth strip. Super Mum was striking a blow
    for housewives everywhere!

    Where's Dad?

    Folks often think that Super Mum and Terry were a
    mere double-act, with no father figure around. And it must
    be said, for the vast majority of strips, they were alone
    in their anarchic adventures. But there was a Dad, and
    you can see in one of his rare appearances, below.
    Mind you, with all that super-abuse from Mum, is it
    any wonder he kept out of the way...?

  Super Mum takes on not-so super Dad



  Super Mum
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:

  circa 1978


  1979 - 1987
  Whizzer & Chips

  Original artist:

  Dicky Howett


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