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   The Fleetway Interviews The Fleetway interviews:


  As a follow-on to our Q&A with Trevor Metcalfe, here are some
  selected pics and info from our interviewee's toon-stuffed portfolio...
Trevor Metcalfe

    The Ice Squadron       The Ossies     Three From Fleetway   

    Town Tarzan's Guest Stars


   According to the biography Trevor has posted on his website, he always
   wanted to be a cartoonist, even as a young lad. He was born in Brotton,
   near Saltburn in County Cleveland in 1939. He studied Commercial Art at
   Middlesborough College Of Art and went on to work as a junior assistant
   at a Lithographic printers. Two years National Service followed during which
   Trevor put his artistic talents to good use producing work for the divisional
   magazine called Keynotes. He returned to the printing trade after, becoming a
Photo Litho Retoucher. In 1964 he had his first strips published in The Dandy.
   One year later he began drawing his first Fleetway strip in Buster Comic
   (detailed in the Q&A), but it wasn't until 1972 that he left the printing works
    to become a full-time cartoonist. The rest, as they say, is history....


     The Ice Squadron

    These strips were produced during Trevor's time in National Service.
    That's him, below right, as a Sapper. The toons were published in
    the main and field copies of a divisional magazine called Keynotes.
    Trevor also redesigned the magazine cover, and items like the
    headings to the sports pages. Interesting to see how his style
    was still developing in these first toons. That thumbnail, below left,
    leads to a larger gif...

     The Ice Squadron - thumbnail leads to larger scan...   Trevor was a Sapper in the army...


   Three From Fleetway

    Trevor's Fleetway CV includes Sweet Tooth, Ghoul Getters, J.R. - Junior
    Rotter, Birdman & Chicken, Dough Nut & rusty and many more instantly
    recognizable Fleetway stars. Here, though, are a trio you may not recall
    quite so quickly:

    Sheerluck & Son

     SHEERLUCK & SON - This one featured a bumbling P.I. who solved
     crimes solely by luck and the help of his far-more-intuitive son.
     That panel is taken from a fantastic seven-page adventure entitled
     'The Mystery Of The Maltese Gannet'. It was published as one
     long strip in the Best Of Whoopee! Monthly in May '86. In his Q&A,
     Trevor defers to the writers and editors when I talk about strips often
     being printed as two-parters or more, but it's patently clear that it was
     Trevor's toons that were singled out for this special treatment...

    Spare-Part Kit   The Amazing Three

     SPARE-PART KIT - This bizarre strip from 1983's WOW! comic found
     a young Zoblobnian, Kit Katz, all suited-up in his father's crazy body
     kit. The muscled arms and legs gave Kit super speed, strength, and
     agility - handy for evading the unwelcome attention of a pair of
     Zoblobnian superspies - There's more on KIt over on Fleetway St.

     THE AMAZING THREE - This was Fleetway's take on those 'Marvel'-ous
     superhero groups like The Fantastic Four and was featured in Jackpot
     comic each week. It was an interesting step on from Trevor's Birdman
     & Chicken strips which used to appear in Krazy - those being a spoof
     of DC's Batman and Robin, of course...


 Town Tarzan's Guest Stars

    Now this was fun. Whilst I was searching for suitable scans for
    these pages I cam across two intriguing Town Tarzan strips in my
    Whizzer & Chips collection:

 Jasper and Tarzan?  Sir Knight and Tarzan?

    7th + 14th November 1987
    Good grief! - In this two-part adventure our hero found himself being
    hypnotized by his arch enemy DR DOOLESS. But I think we're being
    hypnotized here too, 'cos I could have sworn that was really miserable
    old JASPER THE GRASPER posing as the bad doctor. Jasper, of course,
    was a COR!! comic star whose strip finished with the demise of the title
    way back in 1974. Jasper's strip was one of the first Trevor worked on when
    he turned full-time cartoonist in 1972...

19th December 1987
    And now I declare that's Sir Knight, from DAMSEL IN DISTRESS putting
    in an appearance some 12 years after Trevor's strip finished its original
    run in Shiver & Shake....


    The Ossies

    Finally, here's a real treat from Trevor - a previously unpublished character
    sheet from his Down Under strip The Ossies. Trevor says that he produces
    these guides as a matter of course whenever he's developing new characters,
    and this one's a corker, with every conceivable Australian cliche covered - hit that
    thumbnail link for the bigger pic:

       The Ossies - thumbnail leads to larger scan...

   Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg as regards Trevor's work. He also
   produces computer gifs and animation, caricatures, educational work and
   much more besides. Take a look at his Trevortoons site for more on these
   projects. Meanwhile here at Toonhound Fleetway St. features more than
   100 indexed strips from those Fleetway fun comics...

   Happy hounding!


   'The Ice Squadron' strip, sapper picture, Trevor portrait, and 'The Ossies'
   guide have all been provided by Trevor Metcalfe - all images here, of course,
    are copyright Trevor and/or Fleetway/IPC Magazines...

        The Fleetway Interviews:



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