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British TV series

     The Trumpton Clock

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Trumpton     (1967)
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producers: Gordon Murray for the BBC
stop-motion animation
       episodes: 13 x 15mins

"Here is the clock, The Trumpton Clock. Telling the time,
     steadily, sensibly, never too quickly, never too slowly.
     Telling the time... for Trumpton!"


Out in the countryside not far from Camberwick Green is the busy market town
     of Trumpton. This is the town that gives its name to the county Trumptonshire
     in which all three of Gordon Murray's fondly-recalled series are set.

     Trumpton's centrepiece is the splendid town hall and clock which sits adjacent
     to an always-bustling square complete with a big bronze statue of Queen Victoria
     The town hall is the seat of The Mayor and his assistant Mr Troop and its magnificent
     clock is maintained by Mr Platt the Clockmaker, and kept presentable by Walter
     Harkin the Painter and Decorator. But the clock tower isn't the only memorable
     feature of the town, because the infamous Trumpton Fire Brigade must surely
     share centrestage. Captain Flack, The Pugh Twins, Barney McGrew
, Cuthbert,
     Dibble and Grub would race to the assistance of Trumpton townsfolk in distress.
     They rescued The Mayor's hat from a tree, fixed the statue of Queen Victoria,
     searched for missing artists and members of their own crew, removed paint pots
     from the clock tower, rescued Mr Robinson the window cleaner, helped remove
     an old tank from the Town Hall attic, and lift broken trees and branches from
     people's property but they never once actually dealt with a real fire.

     That said, they came close on two occasions. In the episode "Telephone"
a series of crossed-wires sends them off to Mrs Minton's house mistakenly
     expecting flames. and in "The Rag and Bone Man" they arrive just in time
     to stop Park Keeper Mr Craddock from setting fire to Chippy Minton's rocking
     horse with his savings inside. 

     So why the lack of smoke and flames? - It boils down to a tight schedule
     and budget, prohibiting such time-consuming effects work....

      Pugh, Pugh, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub, Captain Flack - and a snoozing Barney McGrew!

     Trumpton's thirteen episodes were produced over a short nine month period
     and broadcast ad-infinitum on through the seventies and indeed, eighties
     encouraging the illusion of there being more episodes out there than there
     actually were. The crossovers between the Trumptonshire villages blurr the
     line further. Most notably, Captain Flack's brigade perform at the bandstand
     in the park at the end of every episode - the self-same stand and park that
     feature in the 6 'o'clock Tea Dance at the end of every Chigley episode.

     Today all three Trumptonshire series are available on various home video and
     DVD formats and associated memorabilia abounds. The Hound particularly
     favours the splendid figure ranges from Robert Harrop and Royal Doulton. Keen
     collectors should also keep their eyes peeled for the original tie-in storybooks
     published by Hamlyn when the series' launched. These large format hardbacks
     feature a bounty of photographs from each episode accompanied by fabulous
     illustrations from Ken Woodward.

     Trumpton creator Gordon Murray had previously brougt us the puppet delights
     of Rubovia. After Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley came two new
     characters, Skip and Fuffy who featured on "The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop"
     before the arrival of the The Gublins...

     Animators Bura and Hardwick also famously brought us the delights of
     Toytown featuring Larry The L-L-Lamb. Meanwhile, scriptwriter Alison Prince
     had previously written the adventures of Joe...


      Trumpton folk
    The Mayor
    Troop - his assistant
    Philby - his Driver
    Mrs Cobbit - flower seller
    Mr Platt - clockmaker
    Miss Lovelace - milliner
    Mitzy, Daphne, Lulu - her dogs
    Constable Potter - policeman
    Chippy Minton - carpenter
    Nibbs - his son
    Dora- his wife
    Mr Robinson - window cleaner
    Walter Harkin - painter & dec.
    Mr Munnings - printer
    Raggy Dan - rag & bone man
    Nick Fisher - bill sticker
    Mr Craddock - park keeper
    Mr Bolt - borough engineer
    Mr Wilkins - plumber
    Mr Antonio - ice cream seller
    Mr Wantage - tel. engineer
    Fred - his assistant
    The Artist

The Trumpton Fire Brigade
Captain Flack
The Pugh Twins
Barney McGrew

(+ Cuthbert's Aunt)

Episode Titles
The Bill Poster
Miss Lovelace and the Mayor's Hat
Mrs Cobbit and the Ice Cream Man
Miss Lovelace and the Statue
Mr Platt and the Painter
The Mayor's Birthday
The Rag and Bone Man
The Window Cleaner
Cuthbert's Morning Off
The Plumber
The Greenhouse


     Trumpton - The Mayor, Troop and Mr Platt

     Broadcast info

     The series premiered with "The Bill Poster" on BBC1 3rd January 1967,
     and it continued to air each week for thirteen weeks, until 28th March...


     Current promos/tie-ins

     The Mayor & philby from Robert Harrop Designs

     Robert Harrop figures

     Many folks will know that the three Trumptonshire series have been given an
     incredible, collectable new lease of life here in the UK, thanks to Robert Harrop
     Designs. Over the last few years they've produced the most extraordinary range
     of figures, vehicles, buildings, Xmas pieces and - best of all - music boxes.
     Knowing quite where to start is very difficult, the range is huge! Some folks
     simply collect the smaller  figures, whilst others have grabbed at those fabulous
     music boxes and sent secondary prices soaring. And then there are all sorts
     of limited edition pieces to drool over...

     Trumpton on DVD

     UK DVD Trumpton: The Complete Collection
Region 2 / all 13 episodes / Universal / March 2006

     UK DVD Trumpton: Stories From Trumpton
Region 2 / 8 episodes / Firefly / March 2002

     UK DVD The Complete Collection
                 Trumpton / Camberwick Green / Chigley / 3 disc set / April 2003


     Trumpton created by Gordon Murray

     scripts:         Gordon Murray, Alison Prince
     songs:          Gordon Murray, Freddie Phillips, Alison Prince
     animation:    "Bura and Hardwick"
                         Bob Bura, John Hardwick, George Debouch,
                         Pasquale Ferrari, Colin Large, Len Palace
     sets:             Andrew Brownfoot, Margaret Brownfoot
     and voices:   Brian Cant


      On the web

       Trumptonshire Web
       The Trumptonshire Web. The search engines favourite and The Hound's
       too, stuffed with info and interviews with all the main creative personnel,
       production sketches, a Trumptonshire map, a cuddly toy...Well, you get
       the gist. There's a stack of information to sift through here. Informative and
       definitive, really - you won't find better!...

       Jay offers up an excellent alternative here, with lots of Trumptonshire
       information and opinion...

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