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British TV series
Jamie, Wordsworth and The Magic Torch

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Jamie and
  the Magic Torch
   (1976 - 1978)

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producers: Cosgrove Hall Productions
                       for Thames Television
cel animation
       episodes:  39 x 10mins


    "Down the Helter Skelter, faster and faster,
     towards Cuckooland..."

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    No two nights are ever the same for young Jamie - although each begins in
    exactly the same fashion, in Jamie's bedroom, with Mum tucking him into bed
    and closing the door behind her. 'Sleep well, Jamie' she says. This is the signal
    for Jamie to wake up his sheepdog pal Wordsworth, grab his Magic Torch and
    shine it at the floor. A magic Helter Skelter opens up and Jamie and Wordsworth
    slide round and round, down and out of a magic tree and into the extraordinary
    nonsensical realm of Cuckooland...

    Cuckooland is a effervescent place with purple tress and candy-striped fields.
    Inhabitants include Bullybundy the Showbusiness Rabbit with extraordinarily
    large feet and an ego to match, Officer Gotcha the unicycling truncheon-eating
    Keystone Cop, Nutmeg the ragdoll, Jo-Jo Help the unhelpful handyman, Strumpers
    Blunkett with the trumpet nose, and Jamie's favourite chum Mr Boo, a roller-skating
    professor and inventor who tours Cuckooland in his incredible Submachine
    correlating infinitesimal facts and figures. Strange people are met and
    strange problems solved using equally-strange solutions before the Magic
    Tree reappears to beckon Jamie and Wordsworth back to the Helter Skelter
    and up home to bed...

   Mr Boo and a host of Cuckooland characters...  

    Actually, Cuckooland bears more than a passing resemblance to Pepperland
    from that classic animated feature Yellow Submarine. The 'barmy' inhabitants are
    eccentric animal/human creations with a 'pop-art' design to them, and there
    is an emphasis on bright rainbow/paintbox colour. Mr Boo is akin to Captain
    Fred, guiding our heroes around in his orange-red Submachine, encountering
    strange people and things and not-so-much having adventures, rather taking
    part in 'experiences'. Is there a deeper significance to any of the encounters?
    Certainly. Maybe. Probably not. But it's a splendid bit of jolly nonsense, with
    THAT memorable 'rocking' theme tune to get everyone all nostalgic for the series
    as soon as they hear the first guitar strum...

    Jamie was Cosgrove Hall's first 2D animation series, being produced alongside
    their first stop-motion production, Chorlton And The Wheelies. Prior to these
    series Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall had been working together as Stop
    Frame, under whose name they'd made the likes of Noddy, Sam And The
    Magic Ball and Captain Noah And His Floating Zoo...

    Jamie, Wordsworth and the Magic Torch are currently being reinvented by
    rights holders Freemantlemedia who are touting the idea of a live-action film
    of the series - Jamie as a real-life movie? - Where are they coming from,

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     In the news

     The Hound: March 2002
     Live-action Torch movie in development...

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     Jamie on DVD

     UK DVD
  Jamie and the Magic Torch: Complete Series 1
                 Region 2 / Fremantle / April 2002

     UK DVD Jamie and the Magic Torch: Complete Series 2
                Region 2 / Fremantle / April 2003

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       producers:    Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
       exec prod:    John Hambley
       writer:          Brian Trueman
       Keith Scoble
       Chris Taylor
       music:          Joe Griffiths
       drawn by:     Graham Garside, Jean Flynn,
                          Jane Johnstone, April Spencer,
                          Bernard Dickin
       rostrum:       Frank Hardie
       film editor:   Dave Street
       narrator:      Brian Trueman

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     On the web

     Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
       Nyanko's got lots more Jamie info for you...

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