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British TV series

     Joshua Jones

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Joshua Jones   (1991)
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 producers: Bumper Films for S4C-Wales
                      with the BBC and Prism
                      Art & Design
   animation: stop-motion animation

     episodes: 12 x 10mins


    "Some people live in the country,
        Some people live in the city or town..."

    As the title song tells us, people live in all sorts of places. Joshua Jones lives
    on a canal boat with his dog Fairport and together they take trips up and
    down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks
    at Biggott's Wharf and general having a fun time on the water.

    Joshua's friends and associates include a dizzy blonde called Sharon who owns
    a catering van, cheery Mrs Datsa Karia and her son Ravi, the hungarian farmer Joe
    Lasky, Daphne Peacock, get-rich-quick Mr Cashmore and his not-so-money-hungry
    daughter Fiona, and a lovable ginger twit called Spanner.

      Joshua and Fairport    Spanner

     "Joshua Jones" is another Bumper Films production and the puppets share their
     design with those starring in Fireman Sam. That's because both series were      originated and designed by Rob Lee. What Joshua and Sam also share
     are good solid stories, well told, with the characters existing in superb little worlds.
     Joshua's trips take in the waterways and environs all the way from Cranford Depot
     to Grimspoole: imaginary places, for sure, but they feel very real. Joshua's canal 
     boat chugs past potteries, through tunnels and rolling hills, and anyone who's
     familiar with the industrial canalways of our fair isle will feel right at home here.

     That money-hungry philanderer Mr Cashmore regularly gets his come-uppance
     before Mr Biggott, who owns the wharfe. But viewers will note that Mr Biggott
     is never actually revealed on screen!

     Interesting, too, watching the way Spanner muddles his way through each story.
     With his ginger hair and penchant for chaos he reminds one of an older version
     of Norman from "Fireman Sam".

     Actor George Layton provides the male voices. He will be familiar to fans
     of Pigeon Street, but he is of course, a well-established tv and film face and
    a writer too, having brought us "Robin's Nest" and "Don't Wait Up" and starred
     in many of the well-loved "Doctor" series of the seventies. Barbara Flynn's
    acting credits include "A Very Perculiar Practice" and "The Beiderbecke Affair".

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    Joshua Jones episodes

Horseplay     Tortoise       Paperwork            
Haywire       Sting           Snake Chase              
Treasure      Spook           The Silver Key
Boomer        Plum Crazy   Photo Finish                    
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    Broadcast info

     The series premiered with the episode "Snake Chase", which
     aired on BBC1, 7th January 1992 at 3.53pm.

     Episodes were broadcast once a week for twelve weeks, at the
     same time each week, and the series concluded its inital
     run on 31st March...

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    originated and designed by Rob Lee
    developed and written by Bob Wilson

    produced and directed by
    Ian Frampton and John Walker

    exec prods:          Christopher Grace
                               Theresa Plummer Andrews    
    animation:           John Walker, Brian Anderson,
                               Timon Dowdeswell      
    music & lyrics:      Ben Heneghan, Ian Lawson            
    sung by:               Maldwyn Pope
    set design:            Beverley Knowlden
    model makers:      Brian Collins, Tania MacDonnell,
                                Sean Millar, Andy O'Neill, John Parsons,
                                Katharine Scott
    vehicles:               Alun Jones, James Nevill
    puppet makers:      Alison Fairholm, Ian Frampton,
                               Cindy Friers, Alison Hall
           Mel Grigg  
    sound:                 John Cross   
    editing:                Willian Oswald, Jane Murrell,
                               Ellen Pierce Lewis
George Layton
                               Barbara Flynn

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