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  Jackpot characters and strips...

     Ernie - Robert Nixon style   Ernie - Rob Lee style
    Laser Eraser
    Lucky old Ernie. He found a special handheld laser which
    appeared to literally erase any object it was pointed at.
    Then, with the flick of a switch, it could bring 'em right back

    Handy, eh?

    Except that there was more to this Laser Eraser than met the
    eye. It was actually a transporter device dropped by an alien
    called Splod, and whenever Ernie 'zapped' an object or person
    or thing on Earth it was transported temporarily on to his orbiting
    spacecraft, as you can see from this panel:

    Splod gets the full 'Laser Eraser' treatment!
    Trivia Hounds might like to note that, in Jackpot #1, Ernie could
    only make things disappear with his Laser. In issue #2 a sneaky
    thief makes off with the device and inadvertently discovers the
    reverse action when he attempts to break into a vault. It wasn't
    until Jackpot #3 that Ernie first fumbled through the technique to
    make things reappear for himself, and even after that, he
    would struggle with the whole disappearing-reappearing

    Robert Nixon began the strip, and later, Rob Lee took it on.
    As the weeks went by Splod and his crew had less and less
    involvement in the tales, and the stories simply centered on
    Ernie's attempts at making things disappear and reappear.
    Maybe he'd erased them...?



  Laser Eraser
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Jackpot #1
  5th May 1979

  Original artist:

  Robert Nixon

  Other artists:

  Rob Lee


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