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British TV series
Rocky Hollow

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Rocky Hollow    (1983)
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producers: Bumper Films for S4C Wales
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 26 x 5min


    Now here's a forgotten series. Acorn, Sycamore, Mr Oak, Miss Myrtle, Conker
     and Rosie Woodpigeon dwelled in the sunny woodland glade of Rocky Hollow. 
     The models were designed to look like seed people and were constructed out
     of rough tan material - bar Rosie, of course, who was a bird...  

      Miss Myrtle, Acorn and Mr Oak

     Acorn was Mr Oak's playful nephew, keen on skateboarding and generally
     gambolling about with his best mate, scarf-wearing Sycamore, who was a
     rather clumsy chap. Mr Oak himself was a rather stuck-up general-type, who
     had a soft spot for the salubrious Miss Myrtle. But she, in turn, seemed to
     have taken quite a fancy to Conker, who was the red-haired handyman of
     the hollow. Rosie, meanwhile, was the pigeon postmistress to them all,
     delivering mail around the wood. All dwelled in tree houses, built in to the
     trunks of the trees in Rocky Hollow...

     Obviously filmed on a shoestring, this was an early production from Ian
     Frampton and Bumper Films, who went on to bring us that all-Welsh hero
     Fireman Sam and Joshua Jones. All 26 episodes of Rocky Hollow were
     released on video during the 80s, and titles included:

    The Picnic           Spring Cleaning
    Keep Fit              Ghosts
    The Post Bag       Treasure
    The Operation      The Birthday Party

     Trivia Hounds will hear Peter Sallis narrating this before striking voice-over gold
     with Wallace & Gromit. And it's an interesting predecessor to Oakie Doke
     too. Did it have any influence on the Cosgrove Hall character? - I guess we'll
     never know...

        Rosie Woodpigeon

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     produced by Bumper Films Ltd
      for S4C-Channel 4 Wales

     director:    John Walker
     puppets:    Ian Frampton
     stories:      Bill Clout, Nona Hooper
     music:       Ian Frampton, Nigel Hess       
     sound:       John Cross
     editor:       Richard Bradley
     narrator:    Peter Sallis

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