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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

    It's Smiler...
 This cheesy grinning, always-winning lad had the biggest,
    widest smile you ever saw. And it was stuck on. Permanently.
    You could always tell what kind of smile Smiler was sporting
    because we'd have helpful descriptions of it in the
    accompanying smile beams. He'd emit "worried" beams,
    "cheery" beams, "star-struck" beams - almost any kind
    of beam to fit any kind of situation. But most importantly,
    come rain, come wind, come sleet, come snow, Smiler
    would keep smiling. It's amazing no one ever punched
    those pearly teeth right out...

    Smiler started life in Whoopee! in March 1976. He was
    one of a trio of strips introduced to mark the comic's second
    birthday (the others being Gook the TV Spook and Werewilf).

    In his hey day in the early 80's, our Smiler also featured in
    a weekly Smile-In which featured a selection of  jokes and
    gags sent in by readers.

       Smiler's Smile-In...

    It's interesting to note that during the turmoil of the later
    Fleetway years, Smiler actually shifted over into Whizzer &
    Chips, finding his way into the 1990 Annual. But whether he
    was a Whizz-Kid or a Chip-Ite was not revealed because the
    1990 edition was the one in which the characters and strips
    from both sides were interspersed in and around each other.
    Smiler didn't care, though. Whether in Whoopee! or
    Whizzer & Chips, or indeed, those BIG Comic Annual
    reprints, the chap just kept on smiling throughout...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  6th March 1976

  1st Annual

  Whoopee! 1978

  Also seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips
  Annual 1990


  BIG Comic
  Annual 1992-1994

  Original artist:

  Nick Baker


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