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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

    Snap Happy sniffs a photo oppurtunity...
    Snap Happy
 Snap was an ultra-keen photographer lad who was never
    seen without his trusty camera. The majority of his
    antagonists were rival photographers, paparazzi figures,
    professionals or - um - amateur ornithologists. They'd try
    to scupper his chances for photographing famous faces,
    flora and fauna, or competition pictures. But this being
    Fleetway, somewhow, the little guy always won through,
capturing the perfect picture on film...

     Snap is dumbfounded...

    Snap must have been rather irritating for folk who knew
    him, with that lens constantly thrust under their noses.
    That red and black striped blazer wasn't exactly
    endearing, either...

    Our happy chappy only hung around for the first six-seven
    months of Whoopee!'s run, until Shiver & Shake merged
    with the title in October 1974. He fared a little better in the
    annuals, though, featuring in the first three yearly Whoopee!
    editions and returning in reprinted form in those BIG comic
    and Funny Fortnightly annuals..

    "Amazing First Photo
     Of Eccentric Millionaire!"

    Snap's first photographic adventure (in Whoopee! #1) took
    him to a "spooky old dump". He was looking to take a
    creepy photo or two, and found himself snapping what he
    thought was a headless ghost. Turned out, that ghost
    just happened to be a reclusive millionaire, so Snap
    scored a double-whammy in the next day's papers!



  Snap Happy
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974


  1975 - 1977

  Also seen in:

  Funny Fortnightly
  Annual 1991
  BIG comic
  Annual 1992

  Original artist:

  Mike Lacey

  Other artists:

  Terry Bave


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