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British TV series

    King Rollo  from King Rollo Films Ltd

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   King Rollo      
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producers: David McKee / King Rollo Films  
   animation: 2D animation
13 x 5mins


    King Rollo is like a child in royal clothing. He's a happy-go-lucky fellow who
    explores his kingdom with a twinkle in his eye, ever eager to learn about the
    ways and wiles of the world. Luckily for him, there are friends at hand to
    help him through the day...

    Rollo's royal pals include Queen Gwen, who lives in the palace next door.
    Then there's King Frank, and the royal Magician. But best of all there's Cook,
    the royal cook, who arguably rules King Rollo's kingdom for him given the
    amount of advice and assistance she offers!

    Rollo's very bestest pal, however, is Hamlet the clever cat. He's always tagging
    along behind his master. And in best the tradition of sidekicks everywhere, he
    too reveals more worldly savvy than his happy-go-lucky master.

    "King Rollo" is another bright David McKee creation - Mr. McKee being the prolific
    author and artist whose most famous creations are Mr Benn and Elmer the
    Elephant. The King first appeared in print in 1979 and over the years we've
    watched him learn to tie his shoelaces, wash dishes, make his breakfast,
    take a bath, and tidy his royal bed chamber. Oh yes, it's all pomp and
    ceremony for this bumbling blueblood. Rollo oozes charm. There's just a
    simple joie de vivre about the creation, which is probably why he's remained
    in the public's affection for so long. All hail King Rollo, indeed!...

    » King Rollo gave his name to the production company formed by McKee
       and his associates Clive Juster and Leo Nielsen. King Rollo films have brought
       Tony Ross' Towser and Eric Hill's Spot into animated life. In 2000 they acquired 
       a BAFTA for their splendid tv adaptation of "Maisy Mouse"...

    » In 2001, King Rollo returned to print, following a ten year abscence. "King
       Rollo and the New Stockings"  finds our favourite King bemused and confused
       by his left and right foot. And things get even trickier when he tries to
       deliver Mrs Harris' birthday cake!...


     King Rollo episodes

The Bread              The Dishes 
The New Shoes       The Balloon  
The Dog                The Tree        
The Comic              The Birthday
The Bath                The Search
The Breakfast          The Playroom
King Frank            


     Broadcast info

    "King Rollo" premiered on BBC1, 1st October 1980, at 1.45pm.
      Episodes one to six were broadcast in the same weekly slot,
      until 5th November...
     The series resumed with episode seven on 22nd December, at the
     earlier time of 9.55am and subsequent episodes aired once a day
     over the festive period in the same morning slot...

     The series concluded 31st December 1980.



   King Rollo books by David McKee
    King Rollo Books
originally published by Andersen Press

    1979 - King Rollo and the New Shoes          Board books
    1979 - King Rollo and the Bread                  King Rollo's Spring
    1979 - King Rollo and the Birthday              King Rollo's Summer
    1980 - King Rollo and the Balloons              King Rollo's Autumn
    1980 - King Rollo and the Tree                    King Rollo's Winter
    1980 - King Rollo and the Dishes
    1981 - King Rollo and the Bath                    Collected Tales
    1981 - King Rollo and King Frank                The Adventures of King Rollo
    1981 - King Rollo and the Search                The Further Adventures of King Rollo
    1982 - King Rollo and the Playroom             King Rollo and the Playroom, and
    1982 - King Rollo and the Breakfast             Other Stories...
    1982 - King Rollo and the Dog
    1982 - King Rollo and the Mask
    1984 - King Rollo and the Letter
    1990 - King Rollo and Santa's Beard
    2001 - King Rollo and the New Stockings

    » King Rollo at

      King Rollo created by David McKee

     producer:   Clive Juster
     animation:  Leo Beltoft
     music:        Duncan Lamont
     narrator:     Ray Brooks


     On the web

King Rollo Films

      The official studio site...

      Little Gems
      The Gems present a handsome guide to the series...

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© King Rollo Films Ltd / David McKee / F2006