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    Whizzer and Chips
  Holiday Special 1978

   The 1978 Special sports fantastic cover art from Mike Lacey.
   Inside the intergalactic stars of "Space School" dominate
   proceedings by appearing four times. And Thomas Williams
   is the busiest artist. He stands in for messrs
Lacey, Knox,
   and Millington
on "Sid's Snake", "Lucky Dick" and "Hover
   Boots", before returning to "Tiny Tycoon"...

   The centre-page "game" is a bit of con, though. It's simply
   a checkeboard of red and blue squares. You add the dice
   and counters yourself, and there isn't even a sniff of an
   illustration, or a cut-out character or number wheel to
   make up - Yah-boo!

   Whizz-Kids:                                 Chip-Ites:

Champ                                          Autograph Hound
Joker                                            Fuss Pot
Lazy Bones                                   Harry's Haunted House
Lib an' Archie                                 Hover Boots
Odd Ball                                        Loser
Rotten Egghead                             Lucky Dick
Sid's Snake                                   Pete's Pockets
Super Store!                                    Sammy Shrink
Sweet Tooth                                   Shiner
Theo's Thinking Cap                       The Slimms      
Tiny Tycoon                                   Space School
Super Dad  
 Whizz-Kid                                                  Wear 'Em Out Wilf            
adventure strip:
   Whizz Wheels

   Spot the difference:
   Happy Families Double Puzzle

   Joke pages:
   Joker's Jolly Holiday

   Centre-page game:
   Whizz-kids Vs Chip-Ites Checker Game

   Most appearances:
   4 - Space School
   3 -
Sweet Tooth



  Whizzer and
  Chips Holiday
  Special 1978
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Sid, Slippy
  & Shiner
  by Mike Lacey


  Cover price:


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